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Updated 10/16/17High-altitude Archaeolgy - August 2017

High-altitude Archaeolgy - August 2017

Cuzco, Peru
Our August 2017 expedition plans to conduct an expanded archaeological survey, including a series of dives at extreme elevation, to investigate, map, and document pre-Incan/Incan ruins and artifacts in and around Laguna Sibinacocha located at 16,000 ft in the Peruvian Andes. Our expedition will utilize an OpenROV remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to document ruins and artifacts that we have already discovered in the lake, and to investigate and document new underwater sites, including those too deep for diving at such extreme altitudes. The ROV will also help target new dive sites, conserving the limited diving gas we’ll have at this remote location. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will be used to facilitate pedestrian surveys and to map the terrestrial findings and the surrounding landscape features.
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