Sea Turtle Secrets: Exploring Sea Turtle Behaviors with Trident ROVs

Latest update June 23, 2019 Started on May 10, 2018

For this expedition we aim to: 1) identify individual sea turtles through the collection of photos and videos via Trident ROVs, and 2) explore the behaviors of sea turtle interactions when humans are not present.

May 10, 2018
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In The Field

I (Stephen Dunbar) left California on June 19 for Roatan, but unfortunately, the Trident ROV had not yet arrived for me to be able bring it down. Instead, it arrived on the 20th, which means the start of our Sea Turtle Secrets project will be delayed just one more week, at which time ProTECTOR, Inc. Intern, Zoe Aguila, will bring the Trident down with her, and we'll be able to start the project going. As soon as it arrives here in Roatan, we'll be posting videos and photos of our first encounter with the Triton, and about the learning process. STAY TUNED!!