Secrets of the Salvadoran sea

Latest update June 25, 2019 Started on June 5, 2018

Salvadoran marine ecosystems have been barely explored. Together scientist and local communities are giving a step forward to discover, learn and protect the nature beyond the seashore in Salvadoran seas.

June 5, 2018
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In The Field

All the fun inside of the water!

While we were doing the fieldwork, we just watched the fish inside of the pools and started our job. However, sometimes we ignore the things that they could do when we are not bothering them. Therefore, with my friends decided to put a camera inside of the pools and see what is going on with fish there. I was (and still I am) surprised for the things they do, how they feed on the substrata, how some of them can live or fight with another fish for territory and also, how some of them can do different moves when they see strange things on their home. Some of the children get excited every time they watch fishes on their natural habitat and in short videos; although they know them very well, the expression of surprise on their faces is always rewarding. If we just watch this inside of small pool, imagine the things that we could see inside of the sea, with the ROV!

Mientras hacíamos nuestro trabajo de campo, sólo observábamos a los peces dentro de las pozas y empezábamos nuestra tarea. Sin embargo, algunas veces ignoramos las cosas que pueden hacer cuando no los estamos molestando. Por ello, con mis amigos decidimos poner una cámara dentro de las pozas y ver qué pasa con los peces