Understanding the Impacts of Trawl Fishing

Latest update June 5, 2019 Started on October 10, 2018

The Sea of Cortes is a spectacularly productive, vibrant, and diverse inland sea in Mexico, but destructive commercial fishing methods are putting this ecosystem at risk. Scientists in Baja California Sur are working to understand what impacts the commercial shrimp trawling industry is having on the nearshore deep-water ecosystems in the southern Sea of Cortes. What damages have already been inflicted? How is the seafloor community responding? Are there still areas where unaffected communities are thriving, and if so what do these look like?

El Mar de Cortés es un mar increíblemente productivo, lleno de vida, y diverso que se ubica en el lado Pacifico de México, pero métodos destructivos de la pesca comercial han puesto en riesgo estos ecosistemas marinos. Científico